Sunday, October 22, 2017

EnerQi device

The reason I am calling these EnerQi devices is because I hope that they use the Qi that is all around us. I am writing this blog as a letter to my granddaughters, maybe one day when they grow up this might be very important. I hope it contributes to a healthy and happy earth!

    I first got this "infinity Fibonacci spiral orbit" design on December 25, 2015, I remember being so excited and that it drew out easily on an egg! I was very happy and felt like it was something very important. I call it that because it goes around and around like infinity, but makes a Fibonacci spiral on either end which also make a sort of shape like a heart. Yet as you follow it around and around you come back the other way but in the process you are in an infinite orbit!

      Here is the developed EnerQi device at October 20, 2017. It has been developing for that long with ideas coming in ever once in a while, and with experimentation on my part and on Peter's part with the resin work. So it came to be a collaboration with both of us, Grandfather and Grandmother! (Since the first thought we have now 2 beautiful granddaughters)

       The interesting thing about this is that I had that same excited happy feeling when I felt like this was it, the finished product! I think it is charged by the sun, the moon, and the stars. I also think it is directed by your mind. Well now is the time to send them out to have us experiment and see how it feels, hopefully it will attract helping and compassionate humans / etc.!

      These have kyanite crystals, lemurian crystal, copper wire wrapped in the "Infinity Fibonacci spiral orbit" design that came to me on the egg, a bit of gold, all encased in a resin pyramid. Also it has the very important ingredient of both Grandfather Peter and Grandmother Lupita working with our hands many hours, thus putting in our personal enerqi!

     It was April 6, 2017 when this developed, where I made the copper wire wrapped into the shape of the " Infinity, Fibonacci spiral, orbit" design that I drew out on the egg earlier. Then I put the lemurian crystal inside, and realized it was fitting in like a battery! That was my other happy excited moment!

      This is so you can see easily what is inside the EnerQi device.  Aloha and love from your grandparents!

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