Sunday, July 21, 2013

I need to tell the update story on Wolfy, well she died, again. I was too sad before when it happened but it did happen. She didn't even live as a Kitty for two years, but she got to run free and climb trees and stay in the house all night with us, sometimes even in our bed! Well I have to say she was the best pet we ever had as a kitty, or at least that is what I think now because I still miss her. I am just waiting for her to come back again. I just hope she learned a lesson to be at least a little bit more careful and not so daring! She really tested her Kitty body and in the end I think she was trying to be like the birds she saw flying. She would jump from the branch of our starfruit tree to the roof and back to the branch to get off the roof, There in lies the accident that took her wonderful little kitty body, maybe she thought she could fly. Now I wonder, is she a bird? Perhaps an Iwa bird as they are black with white chests. Michie says I should look for an Iwa bird with a white heart on its chest.