Friday, March 2, 2012

Sealy cartoon

   This is Sealy following Michie to kindergarten, as Michie was apprehensive about going to school, Sealy came along to keep her comfortable. Since Sealy had been her best friend since she was a baby.

     This is the story of the cartoon Sealy. When my daughters were children we wrote and illustrated several books for children. Since they helped me to write them I also sent in for copy rights and put them in all of our names, having them sign as little children their own copy rights. Now Michelle, AKA "Michie" just graduated from college with her bachelors degree in animation during which she, using her copyright from kindergarten, recreated "Sealy" into a cartoon enhanced with her own memories. She also has many episodes to continue in making more cartoons related to the Sealy cartoon. Please click on this link to see her cartoon trailer. Sealy animation trailer

     We are currently looking for a "cartoon angel" to help her create these wonderful hawaiian cartoons. If every young surfer kid on Kauai can say "Sponser Me!"  Why not our little hawaiian monk Seal character?

"ARRRRR! Please Sponser Me!" cried Sealy.

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