Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pick Up Plastic, Patrick!

I was excited to have a story come together this week I am calling "Pick up plastic, Patrick!" it has been brewing for about a month now but just came together as I laughed when it developed into itself. I have to make the storyboard better as it is set up for a book or a cartoon. Since my daughter is an animator I am hoping it will inspire her to make into a cartoon, but for now I think all I can really do is make it into a book. That is the way I can finish it.

I have been practicing my Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong as I am working on my certification to teach it. This is part of the practice for me because I learned that my creativity is in my ovaries or womb even though I am past having children age, it is my energy ovaries that are not "dried up" as the doctor told me, about my physical ovaries. Well that thought was not happy for me, but the qigong helped my energy ovaries and that makes me happy when my creativity occurs, (with a little help from my friends:) So I might at least know that my energy ovaries are just fine and very eager to create! This is what my Qigong practice has been producing, and for me that is important!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

"It's not me, it's the Qi"

A great lesson this is even though to me it got turned around in order to make it  a great lesson to me. Thinking of what Daisy had said about some Qigong masters (or Reiki masters) who believe that they are the ones who have power doing the healing/etc. in the sense that they let their ego grow too big, usually end up getting sick. So it is best not to let your ego go awry, to always remember that it is the Qi / Ki / or "universal life force energy" that is what is so powerful, not the master.

For me this is like ego in reverse, because I might think I am not able to be a Master, but now that I know that it is not me it is the Qi/Ki and that all I need to be is the clear conduit, The Energy is what is great so I need not worry about my capabilities, because it is all in the Qi/Ki/Energy!

Therefore I am ready to learn and to be open to giving attunements, I am hoping to learn to give porpoise attunements the way Marissa gives plant attunements, I am getting excited now to know that I can reach my guides, be they plants or porpoises  and learn from them, and especially to know that "It's not me, it's the Qi!"

Perhaps now the story will begin!