Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I have been slowly working on this painting since August, when I had a summer breakdown illness. This lovely plant finally was in bloom then in my back yard,  I came to know her and she helped me to get well!

So I am going to tell this story because a lot has happened while I have been working on this painting, I feel  good now that I almost forgot that I was ever sick! At first I wasn't sure if this is the way the painting was supposed to be or if I was forcing it be this way, but now that we have decided that it is done I like it more and more, and when I walk by it down my hall way I look at it and say "I love this painting!" or I say, "I love you!" That is because it is a painting of the soul of the flower essence "Olena" Which has now since disappeared in it's flower form, even in it's leaf form, but she has left me with her golden roots to make tea and cook in my beans or soups, all for my benefit. A beautiful gift, but also a remembrance that she will grow again next season from some of the root left in the womb of the earth, rebirth, never dead, always there in her spirit form to be so gracious and loving, so caring, that is the beautiful soul of "Olena".

So how did the plant in flower help me to get well you might be wondering? Well, I communicated with her soul, and even though I must admit I really did not "see" her until I painted her on the canvas, then there she is! That is the way my third eye works I guess, I have to just let it happen then see what happened and surprise my self to see what happens on the canvas. Isn't that the most fun! Now to see the little plant spirit emerge with her energy transferring to the canvas is so wonderful, when I see her portrait I can be reminded of her essence and say, "I love you!" It's not necessarily the painting I love, but it is the spirit of the Olena plant is what I love! The painting just reminds me. I hope it will remind you too.

                                    Thank you, Olena

Now I want to tell the story that I read in one of Dr. Zhi Gang Sha's books in his Soul Series about the plant that was used to cure Malaria. This was a story in ancient China. When the people ran out of the plant a wise man said to the people to just say "I eat #%@ (name of that plant)" and they began to get well. So they were connecting with the soul of the plant and it helped them to get well! He said they also used this method in modern times with the SARS epidemic.

So I thought it would be nice if you might like to communicate with the spirit of the Olena plant by looking at her portrait. You are very welcome to do so. She will be glad to get to know you I do believe. Perhaps she will help you to heal if you are in need of healing. We would love to hear your stories.
By the way, Olena is the hawaiian name for Tumeric.

                        Thank you to whoever is reading this blog!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


This is the page that goes with the drawing, I originally intended to have SEALY on the corners of each page so when you flipped the corners Sealy would move, I couldn't do that way back then so I just put the sequence of Sealys going across the bottom of the page. Well did I mention, Michie is an animator now! I am so proud of her, but when I am looking at this now I really think it has merit to show how the grown up Michelle developed into the wonderful artist and animator she is today! That is motivating me to continue to try to publish the original books I did way back then, because they may still inspire other children too!


This is the start of a book I did when my daughter was just starting kindergarten, now she is in the Animation department of UH Manoa and last year finished a cartoon based on this original SEALY book. She enhanced her story with her own memory and it is having its first film debut in a local filmfest, at the Pipeline Cafe on Oahu next tuesday. As I found the original copy I made in 1984 with xerox machines, I am now realizing what I couldn't do then I can now do with the computer. So I scanned it all and I hope to prepare it for publishing on createspace. Which looks affordable and enables me to publish the whole version. I couldn't resist this drawing as I thought it was so cute,  Michie riding her bike to kindergarten with her little friend SEALY tagging along to keep her company. It is definitely a picture out of time, 1984, with of course a little imagination slipped in.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mendenilla Magnifica original painting for sale

I met the Magnificent Mendenilla at Banana Joe's Fruit stand. I had learned to communicate with the plant spirits with my friend Marrissa Henderson who taught me to channel the plant spirits, Since I am an artist who has painted all my life I transfered the energy of the plant spirit into my painting, thus you are also inviting this beautiful Magnificent plant spirit into your home when you decide to purchase this original painting of Mendenilla Magnifica! Mahalo

Monday, April 12, 2010

Heart Opening

This is my heart opening shirt design. It is hand painted on a cotton shirt, I have been working on setting up my Etsy shop and so far I have gotten to posting this one shirt design. I do have other designs coming soon. I am happy to have my friend Kicka Witte model and photograph herself for me. Mahalo Kicka!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

note to whoever is reading "Pick up Plastic, Patrick" to children.

You are welcome to print a picture and let the children color it or paint it in. I was thinking that it would be good to take a field trip to the beach and pick up plastic, then perhaps make an art project out of it, say a sculpture or a mosaic. Thank you for reading "Pick up Plastic, Patrick!"

Back cover

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pick up Plastic, Patrick! cover

                            written and illustrated by Lupita Poppler

Saturday, March 27, 2010

page 24

Michie and Patrick are walking down the beach smiling together picking up plastic.
Sealy is tagging along, the porpoises are jumping, the seabirds are flying, and the whales are waving, as if they all want to say, "Mahalo!"

page 23

page 22

page 21

page 20

page 19


                              Patrick heard...........

Sunday, March 21, 2010

page 17

                 Patrick gets caught up in the trash and floats with it,
                  until he sees what he thinks is land in the distance.
Only to discover it is really the giant floating plastic island!
 No water, no food, no trees, sun beating down, 
Patrick passes out...................

page 16

                    It's just going to dump............

page 15


                               He is taken out to sea by a rip current.
A ship is coming in the distance.

Monday, March 15, 2010

page 13

page 12

 As Patrick paddles back out, he sees a monk seal and hears..........

page 11

Sunday, March 14, 2010

page 10

page 9

Patrick hits something plastic floating in the water with his surfboard, causing him to wipe out!

page 8

page 7

Friday, March 12, 2010

page 6


                Michie's voice trails off as Patrick is walking away
                         laughing, with his surfboard into the surf.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

page 4

"We don't need to do that! 
There is no plastic island, and your seal is just imaginary. 
I'm going surfing! Ha ha ha ha ha"

page 3

We are picking up plastic, because Sealy told me 
 about a plastic island in the middle of the ocean.                                                                       

page 2

Patrick runs by, "Michie! What are you doing?
"Why aren't you surfing?"

Pick up Plastic, Patrick! page 1

Sealy and Michie are picking up plastic.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pick Up Plastic, Patrick!

I was excited to have a story come together this week I am calling "Pick up plastic, Patrick!" it has been brewing for about a month now but just came together as I laughed when it developed into itself. I have to make the storyboard better as it is set up for a book or a cartoon. Since my daughter is an animator I am hoping it will inspire her to make into a cartoon, but for now I think all I can really do is make it into a book. That is the way I can finish it.

I have been practicing my Radiant Lotus Women's Qigong as I am working on my certification to teach it. This is part of the practice for me because I learned that my creativity is in my ovaries or womb even though I am past having children age, it is my energy ovaries that are not "dried up" as the doctor told me, about my physical ovaries. Well that thought was not happy for me, but the qigong helped my energy ovaries and that makes me happy when my creativity occurs, (with a little help from my friends:) So I might at least know that my energy ovaries are just fine and very eager to create! This is what my Qigong practice has been producing, and for me that is important!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

"It's not me, it's the Qi"

A great lesson this is even though to me it got turned around in order to make it  a great lesson to me. Thinking of what Daisy had said about some Qigong masters (or Reiki masters) who believe that they are the ones who have power doing the healing/etc. in the sense that they let their ego grow too big, usually end up getting sick. So it is best not to let your ego go awry, to always remember that it is the Qi / Ki / or "universal life force energy" that is what is so powerful, not the master.

For me this is like ego in reverse, because I might think I am not able to be a Master, but now that I know that it is not me it is the Qi/Ki and that all I need to be is the clear conduit, The Energy is what is great so I need not worry about my capabilities, because it is all in the Qi/Ki/Energy!

Therefore I am ready to learn and to be open to giving attunements, I am hoping to learn to give porpoise attunements the way Marissa gives plant attunements, I am getting excited now to know that I can reach my guides, be they plants or porpoises  and learn from them, and especially to know that "It's not me, it's the Qi!"

Perhaps now the story will begin!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thoughts on Tolkien

I have decided to never mind if anyone thinks I am crazy because my stories have stopped since I have been concerned about that. I just recently saw the fellowship of the ring three days in a row and I could realize the point of of the books was the theme of war after war after war fighting the evil then finally the quest was finished, the shire was saved and when the hobbits returned no one in the shire payed any attention to them or knew they had been saved. Well this must have been written? I am guessing around WW2? Tolkien writing the Hobbit and Fellowship of the ring, well it is in fantasy form, it had what he must have felt were ideas to put across. Well the time has changed now and I hope too the world can change, this grand evil that needs to be conquered? what is that? need not be in my stories, or Gollum's other voice need not be evil either, all that makes the ideas that wars need to be fought and that voices in our heads are evil, which is basically the opposite ideas I would like to get across.  The fantasy is what I liked about the Tolkien books when I read them so long ago. Thus I am wondering if Tolkien was considered "crazy", certainly not now that a whole country made his books into movies! So I am going to never mind if "they" think I am crazy or not, I rather hope the story comes out. Just IMAGINE it is a FANTASY or IMAGINE it is REALITY, whichever makes you feel the best! ME, I DON'T CARE! I am just writing into the air! Love and communication is what we need. I am hoping a story will come about that can portray that.