Wednesday, May 2, 2012

the "Mabaline" treatment

        I went away to visit my mother and daughters for two weeks. I wonder if this story will sound familiar to anyone else. We call it "Maybeline" because of a little cat named Maybeline who my father used to take care of while her mistress went on vacation. No matter how much my father spoiled her, when her mistress came back she acted as if she were neglected the whole time and was very mad at her mistress for leaving. She would "punish" her mistress by ignoring her and pretending not to care about her at all. This would last maybe up to a week, then all was well again as if she had never left. This is what we call the "Maybeline" treatment!
        Of course you might guess that I got the "Maybeline" treatment when I got back home, and yes my Kitty "Wolfy" ignored me a few days, Peter was just a day or so, but what I wasn't expecting was the way my car would join in and even my computer! So much for the lesson of every thing being alive! My car battery had died because I wasn't driving it I guess but even after Peter had the battery recharged it would not start for me when I got home. So thus is needed another day of recharging and attention for getting safety checked in time to get the registration which in the mean time, my mechanic had to threaten once again that it was too old and kaput to repair. thankfully the battery charged and she decided to start and not even have any problem that the mechanic could see! Thus my car was just giving me the "Maybeline" treatment! Now it is starting just fine and has its safety check and registration, hurray! Of course it did seem to help for me to pay attention to my car an tell it "I love you, I appreciate you, and I honor you!" Every living thing and every thing is alive!
        As soon as I thought everyone was feeling loved, appreciated, and honored who decides to act up but my very old but loyal hand me down Mac PowerBook. So what that it is ten years old it still works for me,(most of the time). Well I hesitate to even mention this as I need my computer to stay well and by the way did you hear me when I said "Little computer, I love you, I appreciate you, and I honor you!" Really I do, I realize that I had too many windows opened and left you sleeping.  So many that it really almost didn't wake up to start again for a whole day, but gratefully you too were just teaching me the lesson of "every living thing" and I am so grateful that you did start. Perhaps I am reverting to 2001 and HAL.
        I certainly hope my family at home is satisfied with my presence now, I really do not mean to neglect them, and I really do love, appreciate and honor their use to me and companionship. Every Living thing, and everything is alive, means that even what we seem to believe is an inanimate object is still made up of molecules of atoms with protons and electrons that are moving be it at perhaps a slower pace, perhaps if it is a rock compared to an animal, but still moving just the same. So that is why I got the surprise of even my gadgets giving me the "Maybeline" treatment after I had been away for two weeks!

Wolfy's Tale

     This is the story of our dog Wolfy who came back to us as a cat. You may think that is not very possible I am sure, but who is to say what is possible now a days? My father always told very long stories such that no one wanted to listen through the whole story, now that he has passed into the ether world I scold myself for not being patient enough to listen to his stories. Now I understand how he must have felt as I am experiencing the same reaction to my stories such that I have to fast forward to the end, skipping a lot of the important parts to the story. Since this is MY blog I get to take as long as I want to tell the story and you can always scroll to the end if you want to! How about that!
     Wolfy was our dog for sixteen years. She came to us when our daughters were teenagers and stayed well past the time they had left for college and life. She would always be so happy to have them come home and could always recognize them. She especially loved Michie who I am sure has many stories to remember about Wolfy herself. This will be an interesting comparison when Michie comes home to see Wolfy as a kitty.  At this point I am telling only my perspective on the story, yet that will be  an important bit of proof when the girls come home to visit because Wolfy really reacted differently to both of them.  Speaking of my father, he used to come visit every year and the same interesting way Wolfy really remembered him and was very happy for him to come. One of the more curious family visit stories is when Uncle Jason would come for thanksgiving he gave so much leftovers to Wolfy she always seemed to know when it was going to be Thanksgiving again, even before the actual day!
     I was the one who took her for "walkies", oh yes she was the type of dog that could talk being half malmute, the other half was springer spaniel. After hurricane Iniki her mother got out and met up with her father, I knew the owners of her mother and got to watch the puppies grow up. When we brought her home she used to hide behind the washing machine. (Which is where I often see Wolfy kitty go) Well as her doggy self that only could last so long as she soon got too big to fit behind there. Back to the doggy speech Wolfy definitely used to say "I Love You!" She also would alert me as to the time for "walkies" and Peter for "food".
   So how you may ask did she come back as a kitty? Three years ago her doggy body wore out she was able to take a slow walk on christmas day but the day after could not move, I had learned how to administer Reiki energy and kept my hands on her,  essentially petting her and giving her Reiki which is actually the energy that is all around us. She left her doggy body in the night. Peter buried her in our back yard and we made a nice grave for her putting Lavender flowers around it. I began to "imagine I had an invisible dog and continued to take our walks. I realized now she could run as fast as she wanted without a leash and did not have to bother with fleas! We would take walks in the night especially on the full moons. We had since adopted another pet , our daughter's rabbit "Rosie" who lived in the house because at that time she only knew the house coming from a Honolulu apartment. Kyra moved to LA and we kept Rosie, so we loved Rosie very much by now and she was our pet. We seemed to end up taking care of our pets until they became very old and finally had to let go of their little old animal bodies.

        When Rosie passed into the ether I had done hands on Reiki but I had to leave her to go to work so I sent Reiki to her. I had asked the guides if Rosie was still alive and my fingers kept responding "Yes" so when I came home I expected her to still be alive but actually the answer was yes because she was alive but not necessarily in her powerful little bunny body. We made her a nice little grave next to the garden where we had to cut down the very giant Mango tree. I felt so bad for that I wished for a baby tree and found two baby mango trees. I was so happy when they had purple leaves because that was the same as my mango tree had. Rosie was then able to go visit Kyra when ever she wanted, I could sometimes see her tucked under Kyra's parka in pictures of Kyra snowboarding.
      So thus leaving us petless.  Or were we? Actually our next door neighbor's young kitty had been visiting with Rosie. We would put her cage out over the grass, she learned to go out side and loved to eat the grass. Actually the cage was needed we thought to protect her, but the kitty would come and they would rub noses through the cage. So of course where there is a void, I began to pet the kitty after Rosie was gone. Slowly we became friends. She would come to visit and eventually sit on my lap while I pet her. One time she didn't come over so I went next door to look for her and she came limping up to me with her back leg hanging useless, she had hurt it badly. I sat with her with my hand on her leg for at least an hour a day, after a week or so she got better. That is how she first received Reiki.
      Reiki is a japanese form of using the energy or KI that is all around us for healing. This form requires a Reiki master to teach and initiate your hands, essentially they wake up what we are already born with but have forgotten. I became interested in KI so I began studying QI gong, which is the chinese word for the same energy, but with a different way to access it. Qigong will use physical and mental exercises to wake up the Qi flow in your body. The point being that everyone has this ability to access this limitless energy that flows all around and through us. With Reiki the energy flows through the top of the practitioners's head, through and out the hands being drawn by the recipient for whatever they need for their highest good. With the energy flowing through me as a practitioner I too receive a Reiki treatment as well. So Kitty was my client as her leg was healing, loyaly coming for her treatment every day. I would zone out in Reiki land and so would she.
       Qi gong uses breath, physical movement, and mind imaging to direct the movement of Qi. Everyone can practice it and like any other ability you progress with practice. "I dao, Qi dao" means where the mind goes Qi follows. So say for example if you were petting your kitty you could ask them in your mind if they would like to receive qi, then if they do, you would imagine the energy flowing through the top of your head through and out your hands to be received by the kitty. Energy is good to be exchanged so you could ask the kitty to flow it back to you also. If your pet doesn't want it they will tell you by leaving or visa versa if they do you will have a loyal customer!
 chapter 2

   I am having a blink in the story because today was Dec 25, 2011 and I woke up to the happy sight of wolfy kitty running across the back of the yard right over her doggy grave. The night before on Christmas eve  I heard a big noise in the street, luckily I went out to look at the stars and realized someone had thrown or dropped something big and broken glass with food in in as they drove by and wolfy and her sisters were out there right next to the street trying to eat what ever it was. Just awful! I had to get out the shovel and clean it up in the dark, my kitties could have gotten hurt by a car! That is the one drawback of having animals run free. That is why it was a relieving and happy sight to see her running in the back yard out my window this Christmas morning!
      This day I also was playing in the garden and I looked down to my surprise I realized that I saw Wolfy's old tennis ball she used to play with just lying there right on the dirt next to the avocado tree! How did that get there? Then remembering last night, I see Wolfy kitty hanging out on the driveway next to the street. I just remembered how I used to get so upset with her because when she got off her rope she would go right there next to the road and dance around. I was worried about the cars and of course she would jump and run right in the street. So who is sitting right there on the edge of the street in the driveway? Wolfy kitty of course.

I am thinking of the thought of the Reiki and Qigong energies that are all around us and available to all of us be we plants or animals or rocks or mushrooms whatever we are! I was very surprised to find out that Wolfy actually came back to us as a cat and I think so was she! When I first realized it she was over six weeks old because she figured out to come visit us from next door where she was born. I recognized her realizing that she had the same markings as Wolfy when she was a dog and long fluffy hair. She just seemed to me to be Wolfy too. I remember when she first got on my lap and I was petting her, all of a sudden she began to puurrrrr but that is what startled her, the puurrrring! She sat up and looked around  acting like "What was that!" It was so funny! I just petted her and explained that was what kitties did when they were happy and that now she was a kitten.

Now Wolfy is a grown cat and she is getting quite used to it. Enjoying her cat freedom to come and go as she pleases. So much so that sometimes I don't even see her one day and the next she comes in to watch TV with me and comes over to lay down next to me with her head on my leg. I let her do that once in a while because I am so happy she wants to be with me, then we have a reiki reiki exchange of energy as I pet her and she falls asleep. Thus making us remember. The energy is all around us and going through us. We are conduits by which the energies can flow from the sky through us to the earth and back from the earth through us to the sky.  What a happy thought that is!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


        I have come to realize that I inherited from my father's Danish side (ie Hans Christian Anderson) the fact of telling "long" stories. Unfortunately my father always had the hard time of finding a patient audience, hence never being able to finish or tell the whole story. Thus here we now have blogs! You are welcome to skip what you like, but this enables me to get the whole story told! Yay! (I can hear my father laughing) I finally get it!
       I was at the beach, Peter went out surfing, before I paddled out I decided to do some Qigong and run the Light Body energies. After I had done that I looked up and thought, "Hmmm that is curious!" The clouds swirled around and opened up a clear blue spot in the sky. I had recently done some meditations with Children of the Sun. They had shown a picture of something similar in the sky where the clouds had opened with a blue hole of the sky showing and they called it a "Portal". So I kiddingly told Peter after we had surfed,"Did you see that Portal that opened up, I was doing qigong and lightbody and a portal opened up!" He looked at me and did a double take, and said "Yes!"  Now it was as if he believed me that it was a "Portal" that had opened up because he saw it. Then even I was amazed, because I thought I was making that up.

Peter shaped a surfboard and after we got such a cute article from the Honolulu weekly Island Wise he decided to let me paint this one. I really couldn't think of what to paint on it, then Peter came in with the idea of "Why don't you paint the portal we saw in the sky that day?" So first I painted the surfboard then the thought came to me to just do it on a canvas too. This is how the canvas developed.

        I had gone to California to visit family and in so doing spent the last days of my visit with my daughter, Kyra, at her family's house that she is a nanny for. In their house there was very expensive modern art. One particular piece was of giant block letters with newspaper print on the inside spelling out "REMAIN CALM" with red around the outside of the lettering. After I came home I saw a bit on the news about some modern art that had similar pieces. Thus the idea came to me that perhaps I could be sneaky and use that to teach, making my version of modern art with a not so subtle message which would be beneficial to all.

In the meantime my daughter, Michelle, who is a great artist and has been studying art in college was directing me on composition. She showed me her diagram of the golden mean spiral which I actually have been reading a book about. Of course in nature everything uses this spiral and especially in the sky with the weather. What else would a portal be but the golden mean spiral, so in taking her teaching I could match it to this which I was trying to replicate, what I saw in the sky when the "portal " opened up.

As I was working on this canvas into the night, I looked up and saw the constellation of Orion. In the book I had been reading it explained where the two intersecting lines with the golden mean spiral met was considered to be "the eye of God" to some ancient cultures. Of course, they should technically go out to infinity, it is a way to express depth and dimension. Interestingly I noted the stars forming those exact lines, which of course, (duh!) that is probably why the pyramids are built to match that constellation of Orion.

I should mention that for the past few months I have been listening to sounds from Estaryia Venus that particularly pertained to the Fibonacci sequence and phi and the golden mean ratio. I had been listening to these sounds every night because it helps me to go to sleep.

Now the painting was done enough and it comes to be time for me to go to this Tai Chi workshop on Women's self defense. I really didn't think I needed or was very interested in self defense, but my Qi gong teacher Daisy Lee, highly recommended and brought this Tai Chi master, Arthur Rosenfeld  to Kauai. My guides kept telling me, yes, that I should go to the workshop, so I went. What was the jist of the whole workshop? The big ancient secret being passed down? What else but, you guessed it!............. SPIRALS!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahahahaha Well I hope I don't need to use them in self defense but I can already see I have and can still use them in my paintings!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sealy cartoon

   This is Sealy following Michie to kindergarten, as Michie was apprehensive about going to school, Sealy came along to keep her comfortable. Since Sealy had been her best friend since she was a baby.

     This is the story of the cartoon Sealy. When my daughters were children we wrote and illustrated several books for children. Since they helped me to write them I also sent in for copy rights and put them in all of our names, having them sign as little children their own copy rights. Now Michelle, AKA "Michie" just graduated from college with her bachelors degree in animation during which she, using her copyright from kindergarten, recreated "Sealy" into a cartoon enhanced with her own memories. She also has many episodes to continue in making more cartoons related to the Sealy cartoon. Please click on this link to see her cartoon trailer. Sealy animation trailer

     We are currently looking for a "cartoon angel" to help her create these wonderful hawaiian cartoons. If every young surfer kid on Kauai can say "Sponser Me!"  Why not our little hawaiian monk Seal character?

"ARRRRR! Please Sponser Me!" cried Sealy.

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