Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thoughts on Tolkien

I have decided to never mind if anyone thinks I am crazy because my stories have stopped since I have been concerned about that. I just recently saw the fellowship of the ring three days in a row and I could realize the point of of the books was the theme of war after war after war fighting the evil then finally the quest was finished, the shire was saved and when the hobbits returned no one in the shire payed any attention to them or knew they had been saved. Well this must have been written? I am guessing around WW2? Tolkien writing the Hobbit and Fellowship of the ring, well it is in fantasy form, it had what he must have felt were ideas to put across. Well the time has changed now and I hope too the world can change, this grand evil that needs to be conquered? what is that? need not be in my stories, or Gollum's other voice need not be evil either, all that makes the ideas that wars need to be fought and that voices in our heads are evil, which is basically the opposite ideas I would like to get across.  The fantasy is what I liked about the Tolkien books when I read them so long ago. Thus I am wondering if Tolkien was considered "crazy", certainly not now that a whole country made his books into movies! So I am going to never mind if "they" think I am crazy or not, I rather hope the story comes out. Just IMAGINE it is a FANTASY or IMAGINE it is REALITY, whichever makes you feel the best! ME, I DON'T CARE! I am just writing into the air! Love and communication is what we need. I am hoping a story will come about that can portray that.