Saturday, August 29, 2009

Today I felt lots of love from my baby porpoise pal whose name is "Slam". The turtle said, "WATCH OUT!" and three Fairy Terns flew above me saying,"WEEE Look at MEEEE! We love to fly in the sky, flap flap flap then turn and glide down the wind current just like we surfing too in the sky! Then we rest in the trees."
I wondered why the turtle always just says "WATCH OUT!" When Peter came in from surfing he said he almost hit a turtle. He also got to see an Albatross surfing on the wind current right above the wave. I had asked the Fairy Terns to tell me if they saw him or to go out and check on him because I could not see from the beach, but that was all I thought they said, so Maybe the albatross heard me and went out to check on Peter. He had a wild story of the Albatross surfing when he came in, something he had not seen before. That was my afternoon. Aloha, Lupita

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