Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I am channeling these stories from my guide, my highest level guide Lupita, and sometimes from other guides from the plant spirit realm and the sea spirit realms. This is conscious channeling and sometimes I am going to have to tell stories of past channelings that I have yet to write down.
The reason my highest level guide is Lupita is because my mother made a promise that if she had a girl she was to name her Lupita, The promise was made to Lupita who is a very high guide to many peoples on this earth. "La grande persona mas alta sobre de ti" that is what the bean plant spirits told me when I first met them through my friend Marissa who was channeling them and giving me a plant attunement, she is what I now call the Ambassador for the plant spirits. Now that I am studying and learning to channel also, I too am becoming an Ambassador to the plant spirits and to the sea spirits. I have stories to type of the porpoises and the plants so far, but as I am just learning to blog they will have to happen little at a time. Aloha, Lupita

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