Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I woke up this morning hearing on the TV "Give a voice to those who have no voice" It was a quote from Ted Kennedy because he had passed the night before. I thought that is exactly the idea my friend mommy porpoise told me the last week, it was a brilliant idea I heard from her.
The idea is a story that ends with a senate like forum with humans who have learned to channel and are representatives for all the creations here on earth. It is as if it were a "Star Trek" type convention with all the different beings from different planets, except there are representatives for all the beings right here on earth! If you had humans who could channel the plants and some who channeled for the porpoises, some for the reef and some for the rocks, on and on, think of how many different life beings right here on earth you would have and they would now have a voice!
So in my story I might imagine this to come about by saying to another human, "Would you like to be an Ambassador to the Dolphins? or an Ambassador for the Sunflowers? and give them a voice?" Some people do listen and learn to channel and then the new idea is that they too can start a blog and all of it starts to get heard! Imagine if a great multitude of humans became Ambassadors to one kind or another of earth species that could then communicate with the humans this way, then they would all be heard!
That is what I am doing, I am going to be an Ambassador for the creations that choose me to speak for them, and you can do this too. Channeling is a skill that needs to be learned like anything else, but everyone can learn! It is important that the spirit of the plant or of the porpoise or of the rock gets permission from the human to speak to them. That is essentially it, then the human must LISTEN and speak, or write, or draw anything to transmit the message you are receiving. In this way we will have given them a voice! Henceforth the Creation Senate can be a reality. You might think this is just a fantasy and that is fine, I heard the last part of another quote this morning from Senator Ted Kennedy, Some men say why? "I dream things that never were and say why not?" Aloha, Lupita

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