Wednesday, May 2, 2012

the "Mabaline" treatment

        I went away to visit my mother and daughters for two weeks. I wonder if this story will sound familiar to anyone else. We call it "Maybeline" because of a little cat named Maybeline who my father used to take care of while her mistress went on vacation. No matter how much my father spoiled her, when her mistress came back she acted as if she were neglected the whole time and was very mad at her mistress for leaving. She would "punish" her mistress by ignoring her and pretending not to care about her at all. This would last maybe up to a week, then all was well again as if she had never left. This is what we call the "Maybeline" treatment!
        Of course you might guess that I got the "Maybeline" treatment when I got back home, and yes my Kitty "Wolfy" ignored me a few days, Peter was just a day or so, but what I wasn't expecting was the way my car would join in and even my computer! So much for the lesson of every thing being alive! My car battery had died because I wasn't driving it I guess but even after Peter had the battery recharged it would not start for me when I got home. So thus is needed another day of recharging and attention for getting safety checked in time to get the registration which in the mean time, my mechanic had to threaten once again that it was too old and kaput to repair. thankfully the battery charged and she decided to start and not even have any problem that the mechanic could see! Thus my car was just giving me the "Maybeline" treatment! Now it is starting just fine and has its safety check and registration, hurray! Of course it did seem to help for me to pay attention to my car an tell it "I love you, I appreciate you, and I honor you!" Every living thing and every thing is alive!
        As soon as I thought everyone was feeling loved, appreciated, and honored who decides to act up but my very old but loyal hand me down Mac PowerBook. So what that it is ten years old it still works for me,(most of the time). Well I hesitate to even mention this as I need my computer to stay well and by the way did you hear me when I said "Little computer, I love you, I appreciate you, and I honor you!" Really I do, I realize that I had too many windows opened and left you sleeping.  So many that it really almost didn't wake up to start again for a whole day, but gratefully you too were just teaching me the lesson of "every living thing" and I am so grateful that you did start. Perhaps I am reverting to 2001 and HAL.
        I certainly hope my family at home is satisfied with my presence now, I really do not mean to neglect them, and I really do love, appreciate and honor their use to me and companionship. Every Living thing, and everything is alive, means that even what we seem to believe is an inanimate object is still made up of molecules of atoms with protons and electrons that are moving be it at perhaps a slower pace, perhaps if it is a rock compared to an animal, but still moving just the same. So that is why I got the surprise of even my gadgets giving me the "Maybeline" treatment after I had been away for two weeks!

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