Saturday, September 12, 2009


I painted this very quick without thinking, while I was talking on the phone to Kyra. I had been sending Reiki a lot to the porpoises and realizing that they would send Reiki back to me. I thought it was funny and wondered why they seemed to be standing, I thought I had made a mistake and tried to turn the painting around so they would be horizontal, but it really didn't look right that way. So I hung it on the wall upright the way I had painted it.
Months later I read a story in "The ancient secret of the flower of life vol. 1" by Drunvalo Melchisedek about the Cetaceans and how they came to earth. Many ancient people had similar stories. They knew the stars Sirius A and Sirius B. The Dogons, an African tribe near Timbuktu knew about the stars and many things from their cave art that the Cetaceans told their ancestors. Scientists have just discovered many things they already knew, like Sirius B being made out of very heavy matter.
In Peru the Uros indians at Lake Titicaca also had a creation story about dolphinlike creatures that came from the sky and told them where they came from. According to the story it was this connection that launched the Incan empire.
Anyway then I came into the house and looked at that painting and thought whoa! Huh? OH that is why they are standing up! When I sent Reiki to the porpoises and they sent Reiki back to me I felt an overwhelming
sense of JOY. Now every time I look at this painting it reminds me of that feeling.
I think it is funny and it makes me happy.

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